Dual Diagnosis Treatment


 Spring Mountain has been a provider of mental health services to the community since 2001, treating children, adolescents, adults and senior adults with co-occurring disorders. It is our philosophy that individuals with a diagnosis of mental illness and addiction should receive concurrent treatment when appropriate.  Spring Mountain believes that alcohol and drug addictions are chronic, primary, and progressive diseases with multiple causes that affect the social, physical, spiritual, cultural, and emotional components of an individual’s life. 


The initial phase of treatment is detoxification and observation. During this phase you will be placed under the close supervision of our medical and nursing staff to ensure complete and safe withdrawal from all chemicals and manage any medical needs that arise during treatment.

The treatment length of the detoxification period depends on the substance of choice, length of time using, and quantity of use.  Various chemicals provide distinctive withdrawal symptoms and each persons withdrawal pattern will be different.

Medications may be used to manage withdrawal in order to minimize symptoms and keep the patient safe.  Decisions for detoxification are made by the attending physician and adjusted depending on the symptoms experienced.

The detox phase is designed for adults and adolescents likely to experience serious withdrawal complications requiring medical intervention.   A comprehensive evaluation is conducted during this stage of treatment to determine the appropriate level of ongoing care.

Upon successful completion of the detoxificaiton phase of treatment you will be referred to and connected with community providers to continue your journey of sobriety at a lower level of care.


No one chooses to become addicted to drugs or alcohol,
 but you can choose recovery