Children’s Acute Inpatient Program


Spring Mountain Kids Place offers an acute inpatient program for children ages 11 and younger.  Children who would benefit from the inpatient program face challenges such as attention deficit disorder, impulse control disorder, depression, behavior and thought disorders, bipolar and mixed mood disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder.

The inpatient program utilizes various modalities such as social skills building, play therapy, activity therapy, family therapy and individual therapy.  We provide a supportive, caring environment to foster the development of a child’s own coping and communication skills.

The treatment team involved in your child’s care is comprised of a board certified psychiatrists, nurses, therapists and mental health technicians.  Upon admission the child will receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and daily physician visits.

As the family/guardian, your involvement is vital to the success of your child upon discharge, therefore we strongly encourage family participation during family therapy, meeting with your child during visitation times, and communicating with the treatment team members.  The team’s goals is to provide a structured, nurturing and therapeutic environment to all patients.

Spring Mountain Kids Place Provides:
  • Coping mechanism exercises to manage anxiety, anger, frustration, etc…
  • Social skills building to alleviate anti-social traits
  • Communication and connection with the child’s education system
  •  Emphasis on developmentally appropriate treatment
  • Group sessions to correspond with the child’s developmental capability
  • Television for educational and therapeutic reasons only
  • Structured bedtime routine

All calls are confidential. 702-873-2400