Adult Inpatient Program


Admission into an inpatient setting can be overwhelming for an individual and their loved ones. Spring Mountain wants to make this process as smooth and easy as possible and provide the patient with an atmosphere that is inviting and offers a feeling of safety.  Adults admitted to the inpatient program will receive crisis stabilization with intensive and focused treatment and a goal of discharging to a lower level of care, including intensive outpatient or outpatient therapy.

Upon admission into the adult inpatient program, the individual will be assigned to a therapist who will focus treatment work on one of two areas, affective disorders or psychotic disorders.  A psychiatrist will complete a psychiatric evaluation and assess the need for medication.  The Inter-Disciplinary Treatment Team will develop with the patient, an individualized treatment plan.  The plan considers all the individuals needs, including: therapeutic, medical/physical, recreational, social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs. Treatment plans and therapeutic assignments are individualized and based on each person’s abilities.

 The overall goal of treatment is to help individuals learn appropriate and safe coping skills to manage themselves and others within the community and replace socially unacceptable behaviors with ones that facilitate appropriate interaction with themselves and others more successfully.  The individual will resume life’s normal activities at home, school, work and within the community upon discharge.   Spring Mountains staff will connect the individual with available social, community and vocational resources needed to maintain stability in their everyday routines and function at their optimal level.

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