Adolescent Acute Inpatient Program


Spring Mountain Treatment Center specializes in providing inpatient psychiatric services for adolescents, ages 12 – 17. Adolescents,like adults, may experience daily stressors which may lead to harmful activities, behaviors and feelings.  The program is designed for adolescents experiencing symptoms such as: depression, suicidal attempts or threats, psychosis, disruptive behavior disorders, bipolar and mood disorders, schizophrenia, panic or obsessive compulsive behaviors, and chemical dependency and substance abuse.

The Adolescent Inpatient Program is an intensive treatment program designed to stabilize the immediate crisis, while providing the adolescent with skills to manage future stressors.

The Inter-Disciplinary Treatment Team develops an individualized treatment plan to address the therapeutic, academic, medical/physical, recreational, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of the patient.  Medication therapy is assessed and monitored by the attending psychiatrist.  Adolescents will participate in individual, family and group therapy sessions which are designed to help them work through various problems and issues in their life.  All treatment plans and therapeutic assignments are individualized and based on each teen’s abilities.

The goal of the program is to help the adolescent learn appropriate and safe coping skills to manage themselves and others within the community, and replace socially unacceptable behaviors with ones that help the teen interact with themselves and others more successfully.

The therapist, family, and adolescent will formulate an aftercare plan to include continuing treatment as needed.

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