Spring Mountain Treatment Center has multiple programs for children, adolescents and adults. We provide a caring and healthy environment that gives individuals a chance to make positive changes.

Spring Mountain Treatment Center cares about helping troubled people make positive changes. Placing a loved one in a treatment program is not an easy decision for a parent, guardian or family member to make. It is most often a very difficult and emotional decision, but is necessary in order to keep them safe and provide him or her with a new beginning.

A key to our treatment services is the ability to respond to the patient, family or referral sources at all times. We provide 24 hour mobile assessments and admission or referral services. Please call (702) 873-2400 to schedule an assessment. Assessment response team features include:

  • Free mobile assessment and referral by licensed clinicians for individuals who are experiencing severe emotional, psychiatric, behavioral and/or substance abuse problems.

  • Referral of individuals to appropriate community services according to clinical need and resources.

  • Prompt assessment response times and dispositions.

All calls are confidential.

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